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Our Menu

George's Gluten Free Items

In consideration of our guests who wish to avoid gluten in their diet, we offer several options marked as Gluten Free (GF).
These items contain no wheat, rye, barley, malts, or gluten additives.
If you have other dietary concerns, please let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.


8.99George's Homemade Hummus (Most Popular)

Served mazza-style with Kalamata olives, tomatoes, diced red onion, cucumbers and warm pita.

16.99George's Appetizer Combo Platter

Pick any three appetizer items excluding our Ahi tuna, pepperoni breadsticks and shrimp cocktail.

12.49* Seared Ahi Tuna Appetizer

Sesame crusted sushi grade tuna drizzled with homemade Wasabi sauce and soy balsamic glaze. Served with Asian slaw.

8.99Basket of Fried Zucchini

Served with ranch or horsey sauce

9.49Baked Soft Pretzel Sticks

Served hot and delicious with cheese sauce.
Extra sauce - 1.00

8.99House Battered Fried Mushrooms

Fresh mushrooms fried and served with ranch or cocktail sauce.

8.99NEW Loaded Potato Flats

With crumbled bacon, sour cream, Cheddar and mozzarella cheeses and scallions. Served with Sour Cream.

9.99Buenos Nachos

Beef chili, fresh tomatoes, jalapeños, green onions, black olives, and a blend of shredded cheese over homemade tortilla chips. Plenty to share.
With blackened chicken - 9.99

8.99* Little George Sliders

Three mini Angus Beef sliders with American cheese, grilled onions and mushrooms.
Add French fries for 1.99

9.49Laura's Parmesan Spinach and Artichoke Dip

Gluten Free
Served with our tortilla chips.

8.99Pub-Style Potato Skins

Smothered with cheese, bacon and scallions. Served with sour cream.


Lightly breaded fillet strips, served with spicy Thai chili sauce.

9.99Gotta Have 'Em Chicken Wings

Eight wings with your choice of hot, BBQ, mild, Thai chili or teriyaki sauce served with celery sticks and bleu cheese or ranch dressing.
Double the order for an additional - 6.99.
Ranch or bleu cheese dressing Extra Sauce - 1.00.

10.99NEW 12 Boneless Wings

Double the order for an additional - 7.99.
Ranch or bleu cheese dressing Extra Sauce - 1.00.

NEW SAUCES Garlic Parmesan, Mango Habanero, & Sriracha Bourbon

9.49Shrimp Fest

Eight large succulent shrimp deep-fried golden. Served with zesty cocktail sauce.

8.49Chicken Vegetable Pot Stickers

Asian dumplings fried or steamed. Served with an Asian dipping sauce.

9.99Blackened Chicken Quesadilla

Served with pico-salsa and sour cream.
Cheese only - 7.99

9.99Handmade Pepperoni Breadsticks

Hand rolled with pepperoni and asiago cheese blend. Served with cheese sauce and marinara.
*15 minute baking time.

11.99Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail

Four jumbo shrimp served with fresh lemon and our fiery cocktail sauce.

8.49NEW Pepperjack Cheese Balls

Crispy breaded pepper jack cheese balls served with ranch dressing.


Add half of an avocado to your salad for 1.50 extra.
Extra Dressing - 0.50 

Dressings: *Georges Signature Black Cherry Vinaigrette | GF Bleu Cheese | GF Caesar | GF French | GF Fat Free French | GF Honey Mustard | GF Ranch | GF Thousand Island | GF Balsamic Vinaigrette | Garlic Vinaigrette | GF Feta Vinaigrette.

10.99* Avalon Chopped Salad

Gluten Free
Finely chopped crisp garden greens, toasted sunflower seeds, carrots, croutons, Gorgonzola crumbles, tomatoes, bacon and turkey. Black cherry vinaigrette dressing recommended.
Small chopped Salad - 7.49

11.99 * Binford's Black Forest Salad

Gluten Free
Grilled chicken, crisp greens, beets, sugared pecans, celery, Mandarin oranges, Gorgonzola crumbles and a sliced apple garnish. Black cherry vinaigrette dressing recommended.

11.99Grilled Chicken Spinach Salad

Gluten Free
Grilled Chicken Breast with fresh baby spinach, dried cherries, sugared pecans and Gorgonzola crumbles with a grilled chicken breast. Honey mustard dressing recommended.

9.49Big Mediterranean Salad

Gluten Free
Feta crumbles, diced tomatoes, Kalamata olives, roasted red peppers and mixed greens. Garlic vinaigrette or Greek Feta dressing recommended.
Salmon | shrimp | steak - 13.99
With chicken - 11.49

11.9971st Street Cobb Salad

Crisp greens, bacon, turkey, ham, egg, diced tomatoes and shredded cheese.

11.99Fried Chicken Salad

Mixed greens, Cheddar cheese, tomatoes and bacon - all topped with hand-breaded chicken tenders. Served with your choice of dressing. Also available with grilled chicken.

12.49* Bistro Steak Salad

Charbroiled bistro steak, cooked to order and served over a crisp salad with diced tomatoes, provolone and Gorgonzola cheeses.

11.99* Pecan Crusted Tilapia Salad

Pecan crusted fried tilapia fillet on a bed of mixed greens topped with strawberries and Gorgonzola cheese. Black cherry dressing recommended.

5.99Lettuce Wedge

Gluten Free
Crisp lettuce wedge, served with Gorgonzola crumbles, diced tomatoes roasted red peppers and bacon.
Bleu Cheese dressing recommended.

7.99Big Classic Caesar

Gluten Free
With salmon or shrimp - 12.99

With grilled tuna steak - 10.99

With chicken - 10.99


Available after 4:30 p.m.
All entrees include soup or house salad, fresh vegetables and your choice of:
Baked potato, Baked Sweet Potato, Red Skinned Mashed Potatoes or Rice Pilaf.
Substitute Small Chop, Wedge or Small Caesar for $1.99

We will put our steaks up against any top quality steak house in town for quality, flavor and tenderness.

24.99* George's Filet Mignon

Eight ounce center cut grilled to order.

18.99Chicken Pomodoro

Parmesan crusted chicken breast topped with a light vodka cream sauce, fresh chopped tomatoes and scallions.

22.99* Petite Filet

Six ounce.

18.99Chicken Marsala

Traditional Marsala wine sauce and fresh mushrooms, served with angel hair pasta.

24.99* New York Strip

Twelve ounce.

18.99Chicken Parmesan

Classic style, served over angel hair pasta.

18.49Pork Ribeye

Gluten Free
Eight ounce boneless chop basted with an apricot brandy glaze, grilled to perfection.

18.99Chicken Rafael

Sauteed chicken breast topped with artichoke hearts, mushrooms and a white wine cream sauce.

19.99* Atlantic Salmon

Eight ounce Fresh Atlantic Salmon fillet prepared Cajun, lemon pepper, teriyaki style or barbecue.

18.99NEW Chilean Chicken

Parmesan crusted chicken breast topped with our southwestern Chilean sauce.

18.99Jumbo Fried Shrimp

Ten jumbo shrimp, battered and deep fried.

18.99NEW Chilean Tuna Fillet

Grilled tuna fillet cooked to order and served over rice with our southwestern Chilean sauce.


Served after 4:30 p.m.
Includes soup or house salad.

18.99Shrimp & Lobster Ravioli

Ravioli filled with shrimp & lobster and served in a lightly spiced roasted red pepper cream sauce.

14.49Fettuccine Alfredo

With chicken - 17.99

With shrimp - 18.99

17.99Artichoke Chicken Pasta

Seasoned chicken sauteed with artichokes and sun dried tomatoes in a garlic wine sauce, tossed with penne pasta.
With shrimp - 18.99

14.49Pasta Primavera

Angel hair pasta tossed with tomatoes, kalamata olives, onions, feta cheese, spinach and roasted red peppers in a light cream wine sauce.

With chicken - 17.99

With shrimp - 18.99

13.49Diablo Penne

Penne pasta tossed in a fiery tomato cream sauce.

With chicken - 17.49

With shrimp - 18.99

Soups and Side Salads

Saturday Only Seafood Bisque - 1.00 extra

Soup of the Day

Cup - 3.59 | Bowl - 4.99

7.99Soup and Salad

Cup of soup and a side salad.
Substitute a Caesar Salad or Wedge for an additional 1.99 Substitue a Chopped Salad for 2.99

George's Signature Soup

Creamy chicken velvet soup.
Cup - 3.59 | Bowl - 4.99

3.49Garden House Salad

Crisp greens topped with tomatoes, shredded cheese and baked croutons.

George's Homemade Chili

Cup - 3.99 | Bowl - 6.99


Sandwiches served with lettuce, tomatoes, pickle spear and your choice of one side.
Substitute Gluten Free Bun - 1.50

9.99George's Signature Hand Cut Tenderloin

Grilled or hand-breaded pork tenderloin.

9.99* Patty Melt

Eight ounces of Angus Beef burger perfectly grilled and topped with grilled onions and Thousand Island dressing, sandwiched between slices of melted swiss cheese, served on grilled rye bread.

8.99* The George - Build Your Own Steak Burger

Grilled to perfection and served on a toasted bun.

Additional Toppings:
American | Cheddar | Swiss | Pepper Jack | Mozzarella | Bleu Cheese Crumbles | Provolone | Bacon | Grilled Onions | Mushrooms | Jalapenos | Barbecue Sauce - 0.79 each

10.99Pretzel Prime Rib French Dip

Shaved prime rib with swiss, grilled onions, and sauteed mushrooms, served on a pretzel bun with au jus.

9.49Black Bean Burger

Chef special blend of fresh vegetables and beans topped with avocado, Swiss cheese, with an herb aioli on a toasted brioche bun.
*Contains Walnuts.

11.99* Open-Faced Steak Sandwich

Charbroiled eight ounce prime rib, served open faced on toasted bread.

9.49George's Reuben

Lean corned beef, sauerkraut and swiss cheese, served on grilled rye bread.
Also available with turkey.

9.99Steak and Cheese

Smothered with provolone, green peppers and onions. Served with au jus.

10.49* Grilled Tuna Filet

Grilled tuna fillet served with lettuce and tartar sauce.
Also available: Teriyaki, Cajun, Barbecue, Lemon Pepper

9.49All-American Club

Ham, turkey, bacon, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes. Served double decker style, with honey mustard sauce.

9.99Basa Fish Sandwich

A tender mild white fish prepared grilled, cajun, lemon pepper or Southern Fried. Served on a toasted Hoagie with lettuce, tomato, and tartar sauce.

9.49Chicken Breast

Grilled, breaded, Cajun, teriyaki, barbecue, Buffalo-style, or lemon pepper.
Extra sauce - 0.50

10.99NEW Smoked BBQ Beef Brisket

Slow smoked Certified Angus Beef Brisket topped with BBQ sauce, crispy onion straws, and cheddar cheese served on a pretzel bun.


9.49Grilled Italian Wrap

Sliced ham, bacon and pepperoni smothered with mozzarella in a garlic herb tortilla and served hot with a side of marinara sauce.

9.49Club Wrap

Bacon, turkey, ham, lettuce, tomatoes and honey mustard all wrapped up in a tortilla.

9.49Chicken Caesar Wrap

Grilled or breaded chicken and Caesar salad, wrapped in a flour tortilla.

9.49Fried Chicken Wrap

Breaded chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, cheddar cheese and honey mustard wrapped in a flour tortilla.

8.99Very Veggie Wrap

Traditional fresh and crisp greens with hummus, shredded carrots, cucumbers, lettuce and tomatoes wrapped in a tomato-basil tortilla. Served with a small side of hummus.

9.49Buffalo Chicken Wrap

Breaded or grilled buffalo chicken, lettuce, tomatoes and cheddar cheese wrapped in a flour tortilla. Served with your choice of ranch or bleu cheese dressing on the side.

9.49* Turkey Wrap

Turkey, cream cheese, provolone, dried cherries, diced apples, tomatoes and romaine lettuce in a tomato basil wrap with Black Cherry Vinaigrette.


8.99Chicken Tenders Basket

Hand-breaded tenders served with your choice of dipping sauce.
Extra Sauce - 0.50

9.99Fish and Chips

Hand-cut and freshly breaded cod fillets served with French fries and tartar sauce.
Add coleslaw for 0.99

Mama Marie's Pizza

Traditional or thin crust
Substitute 10” Gluten Free Cauliflower Pizza Crust for 12” price.


Pepperoni | Sausage | Bacon | Ham | Chicken | Green Peppers | Red Onions | Black Olives | Mushrooms | Banana Peppers | Diced Tomatoes | Spinach | Jalapenos | Sun-Dried Tomatoes | Pineapple

Build Your Own Pizza

12" Cheese - 11.49. Toppings - 1.59 each

16" Cheese - 13.79. Toppings - 1.89 each

Mediterranean Deluxe

Spinach, black olives, feta cheese, mozzarella fresh diced tomatoes and pesto sauce.
12" - 13.99

16" - 18.99

BBQ Chicken Pizza

Grilled and diced chicken breast, barbecue sauce and red onions.
12” - 13.99

16” - 18.99

The Big George

Unlimited toppings.
12” - 19.99

16” - 24.99

Hawaiian Pizza

Ham, pineapple and red onions.
12” - 13.99

16” - 18.99

George's Meat Lovers' Pizza

Ham, pepperoni and sausage.
12” - 14.49

16” - 19.49

Margherita Pizza

Fresh mozzarella, tomato and basil with an olive oil base.
12” - 13.99

16” - 18.99


Extra sides - 1.99 each
Substitute Waffle Fries, Sweet Potato Waffle Fries, or Onion Straws for an additional - 0.99
Substitute a Cup of Soup or a House Salad for 1.50

Cottage Cheese

Cole Slaw

Potato Salad

Today's Veggie

Fresh Fruit

French Fries

George's Homemade Kettle Chips

Kid's Menu

For our guests aged ten and under.
Served with your choice of carrot sticks with ranch dip, fresh fruit, French fries, chips, or daily veggie.
Served with your choice of fountain soda, juice or milk. (No refills on juice or milk)

5.99The Little George

Two mini-cheeseburgers

5.99Chicken Fingers

Breaded or grilled.

5.99Grilled Cheese

5.99Mini Corn Dogs

5.99 Penne Pasta

With your choice of butter, cheesy sauce, or Marinara sauce.


2.29IBC Root Beer

2.29Boylan Cream Soda


1.99Hot Tea


1.99Chocolate Milk


1.99Diet Pepsi

1.99Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi

1.99Mountain Dew

1.99Diet Mountain Dew

1.99Dr. Pepper

1.99Diet Dr. Pepper

1.99Sierra Mist


1.99Raspberry Tea

1.99Ginger Ale

4.00Red Bull

18% Gratuity added to parties of 8 or more.

George's Curbside + Carry-Out Available